Cadent iTero, Cupertino CA

Digital Impression System

The iTero Digital Impression System is here!  Now available at both locations in Cupertino and San Francisco.

Itero Digital machine

We are one of the very few oral surgery practices in the nation to incorporate this technology in the restoration of dental implants.  Cadent iTero uses state of the art technology to capture digital images of your teeth, using 100000 laser beams!

Imagine – no more gagging, no more uncomfortable tray and messy putty.

This is whats created:

Itero Digital Impressions

Through the use of laser and optical scanning, Cadent iTero 3D Impression System captures the surface area and contours of the tooth and gingival structure.

This unique product results in a precision crown that requires minimal adjustment, thus saving you time and money by reducing the amount of trips to your dentist’s office.

This superior technology also allows your doctor to communicate with the laboratory more effectively by electronically sending the file.  So now your dentist and the lab technician can view and discuss the case in a collaborative manner.

Also because there is less waste of resources, including those plastic impression trays, iTero is environmentally conscious!

Impressions without the mess!

Dental Implant Pro uses the iTero Digital Impressions system to give our patients a comfortable and efficient way to give impressions

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