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Very professional staff and skilled gentle doctor. A great experience! I highly recommend Dr. Massoomi. This is the place to get your dental implants!

- C c

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After hearing all the horror stories from friends n family, I was so apprehensive to extract all of my 4 wisdom teeth at one go, at the age of 37. But today I am glad I did! It’s just been the 4th day from the day of my surgery and all I’d like to say is I can just swear by the surgeon – Dr. Nima Massoomi!! Thanks to him, I am now one HAPPY soul, smiling……. with 4 less teeth!!! 🙂 Dr. Massoomi did a MIRACULOUS JOB with this surgery of mine! During my initial visit to discuss the procedure, Dr. Massoomi patiently and clearly explained every step and logic of the entire surgical process to me & my husband. On the day of surgery, I was put on sedation and was completely knocked out within a minute or two. I did not even realize the surgery was over till the time the doctor’s assistant patted me on my shoulder and said “Alright! You are done!”. And I, with my startled eyes half open, was like “Really??????”… “Are you sure?” Dr. Massoomi and his excellent Staff took very good care of me, before, during, and post surgery. Along with the home-care kit, I was also given a soft headband that held the 2 ice packs against my cheeks. If I remember her name correctly, his assistant Vu – held me by my arms and escorted me to the parking lot, made me seat in the car, buckled my seat belts and waited till my husband & I drove off. I have NO pain (I repeat, NO PAIN!) in those 4 areas, right from the very 1st day of surgery. The only pain is in the 2 small areas in the inner cheek where I presume the L.A. was administered, after I was knocked out by the I V. The swelling is minimal as I probably had held on to the ice packs for my dear life since the moment I had stepped out of Dr. Massoomi’s office 4 days back. I have had medication every 3 hrs,as advised by him and rinsed my mouth with Chlorhexidine Oral Rinse every time I have taken food / drink. Thank You, Dr. Nima Massoomi – The Very Best Dental Surgeon in town, for sure!!!!

Dr. Massoomi has impeccable bedside manners. During our initial visit to discuss the procedure ordered by my son’s orthodontist, Dr. Massoomi patiently and clearly explained every step and logic of the entire surgical process. We never felt rushed, we were treated with the highest level of service and his San Francisco workplace makes you feel that you’re in a spa instead of a dental office. Not only was the building built as an environmentally sound structure that’s as “green” as the most structurally advanced and eco-friendly buildings in the country, it is so tastefully decorated. Most importantly, his professional credentials are solid and notable. Dr. Massoomi comes highly recommended by my son’s general dentist and after meeting him, I have no doubt that we found just the perfect oral surgeon for my 13-year old son. By the way, my son thoroughly enjoyed helping himself at the beverage bar. What a great way to make the patients feel relaxed and welcomed.

Dr. Massoomi gave excellent care to my young son before, during, and after dental surgery to remove several extra teeth. We were very impressed with his attention to detail and surgical skill. We were also extremely appreciative of his exceptional bedside manner, which in my experience is a rarity with surgeons.
He took the time to explain things to all of us fully, and was very available to answer our questions via phone in the days after the surgery (gave me his cell phone number, which was the first time I’ve ever had a Dr. do that). He really helped our son, and made the process as stress-free as possible.
In addition, his staff is great, which helped round-out what is probably the best experience I’ve ever had with a Dr. and their office.

Dr.Massoomi removed 4 of my wisdom teeth yesterday and wow did he do a great job. He is a professional and kind caring man who really put me at ease. I had planned on only getting 2 out due to finances but he explained the entire procedure and why it would be beneficial for me to get all 4 teeth removed. I told him I would like to have all 4 removed but I am having financial troubles and he said “no problem, we will make this work, I understand times are hard for everyone and id rather have this done right. We will work with you.” Before the procedure he explained everything that would happen before, during, and after the procedure. He called about 2 hours after the procedure was finished to check in on me and make sure I felt ok and was healing well. He made sure I was taking the prescribed medicine and that I was comfortable. Overall he did an absolutely fantastic job every step of the way. I am healing well and I fell little to no discomfort. I’m on my way to a speedy recovery and I am looking forward to my 1 week checkup.

Today is 5 August 2011, exactly one year after my sliding osteotomy genioplasty to correct a lifelong small and significantly receding chin. My surgery was performed by Dr. Nima Massoomi, DMD, MD, of Silicon Valley Surgical Arts and Cupertino’s preeminent maxillofacial surgeon, at El Camino Surgical Center in Mountain View. Under general anesthesia, the surgery was accomplished in two hours through a lateral internal oral incision at the root of the lower lip. The surgery cut a horseshoe-shaped section of bone from my receded chin and advanced and anchored it forward 8 millimeters, creating an excellent new chin profile. I iced the chin for 48 hours for swelling and experienced some pain and discomfort, dulled by Oxycodone, but I required very little pain medication. I was on a soft diet for one week. Nine days after my surgery, I felt perfectly well, removed the surgical bandage, attended my nephew’s birthday party, and enjoyed a barbecued hamburger. Except for some residual swelling around the incision that slightly affected my speech, my chin appeared perfectly beautiful in its first public appearance. One year later, I have fully recovered all sensation around my lower lip and chin and have only a slight sensation of tightness around the chin, doubtless because of some internal scar tissue, but I would never go to back to my ugly, old receding chin, and I could not be more pleased. Now, I am not afraid to be photographed in profile. The sliding osteotomy genioplasty is the tried and tested traditional method of correcting a receding chin and produces a permanent, strong, and durable jawbone that is far superior to the implant method which can cause internal tearing of tissues, bone resorption, and infection. Also, the internal oral incision is far superior to the scarring of the external incision under the chin. Just be extra careful not to injure your jaw while it is healing. Remember that cosmetic surgery is rarely covered by medical insurance. Be prepared to spend several thousand dollars for the surgical services, plus $2,000 for the surgical center, and another $1,500 for the anesthesiologist. Dr. Massoomi’s extensive training and experience, excellent planning and preparation, and extraordinary skill raise surgery to a high art, producing a truly remarkable work of cosmetic artistry and a perfect overall result. My handsome new chin thanks him and I thank him.

I had a very good experience with Dr. Massoomi’s treatment, his staff and his facility. Their staff is very friendly and carying!! Their facility is extremely uptodate with latest and greatest technology!! And about Dr. experience – like any other patient, I was a little nervous at first to undergo removal of my wisdom teeth. Dr. Massomi explained to me in detail the entire process from start to finish including post operative treatment. The entire surgery process (starting with checking in and discharging) which took less than 2 hours. I am overall very pleased with the treatment, their friendly staff and all the follow-ups. I would recommend this Dr. to anyone anytime. Good Luck!

“Professional, Sincere, Reassuring, and Clear. Thank You!”

“I was seen by Dr. M at my Dentist office in Pleasanton. Although This was not Dr. M’s main location I felt that he performed his job outstanding and worked well with the staff. The procedure was fast and easy and painless. Dr. M talked me through the complete procedure which allowed me to relax. Dr. M was thorough on what to expect and what interventions to take. I would recommend Dr. M to anyone. Thanks!”

“Dental Implant Pro‘s work is excellent. He is personally interested in the well being of his patients. He spent time explaining the procedure before operating. The procedures were done quickly…then he spent time explaining the post-operation care, use of the medication, and activities & goods to avoid. The biggest surprise was he called our home 1 day after to make sure his patient was doing well. Dental Implant Pro does great work & is a doctor I trust. Thank you, Dental Implant Pro for taking care of both our children’s dental needs.”

“First Class/Highly Recommended Great Communication/Friendly and relaxing atmosphere”

“Would recommend Dental Implant Pro & his office to anybody. Great service & job well done on my wisdom teeth.”

“Dental Implant Pro and his entire staff were helpful, kind and compassionate as I watched my son get his wisdom teeth extracted.”

“Dental Implant Pro and staff were very courteous and took care of me really well. I had a very pleasant surgery.”

“I have been Apprehensive of the Dentist for a looong time. This was the easiest Procedure I have ever had. Very calm, soothing atmosphere. The Staff was empathetic to my needs and made me feel better about the procedure. I will be aiming here in the future and I will recommend this facility & Dental Implant Pro to all my friends & acquaintances. Thank you very much…”

“I had a wonderful experience with everyone. All staff seemed interested in patients and were very professional Dental Implant Pro was wonderful; everything was explained in detail and all of my questions were answered he even called my house afterwards to make sure I was O.K. I was also walked to my car after my procedure which was great.”

“Excellent Quality Service! Extremely professional! Perfect! Thank You!”

“I will highly recommend Dental Implant Pro to my friends”

“I had a great experience overtime I visited your office! Dental Implant Pro and his staff were so nice and I felt very comfortable. Thank You!!”

“Dr. Massoomi, Thank you so much for your professionalism and care!”

“Thank you all so much for all you did! You all are very much appreciated and I am so grateful for the care I received”

“Dr. Massoomi & Staff. Thank you so much for taking such good care of my parents, especially my mom…I know she can be difficult & you & your staff showed such patience & consideration showed such to her & my dad. I am truly grateful & appreciate your wonderful care.”

“Dr. Massoomi, Thank you for everything you did to help us with Julian’s surgery. Your compassion and concern for his well being during his procedure was greatly appreciated. My husband and I also appreciate your help when I came to setting up a payment plan with the hospital that was a huge worry for us. No words can express how much we appreciate everything you did for us”

“Thank you all for your wonderful care & attention to detail with my daughter, Nicole. Your compassion & professionalism has definitely been noted”

“Dear Dr. Massoomi & staff thank you so much for your generosity & Thoughtfulness.”