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How to avoid getting a dental implant….hmmmm

This may be ironic, but we do not want you to loose your teeth!  It is natural, with a built in suspension system (the PerioDontal Ligament i.e. PDL) which allows you teeth to “wobble” or move in its location.  Implants however do not have this PDL and are susceptible to excessive occlusal forces.  So the […]

Endoret PRGF Recognized Center

We are proud again to be the only a recognized Endoret PRGF Center in the SF Bay area (Northern California).  I offer this service in both my locations in downtown San Francisco and Cupertino. To learn more about this technology and how its our changing outcomes please visit:

The power of CBCT-guided implant placement: to guide or not to guide?

Mini Implants anyone?

  Every wonder why we have never placed mini dental implants in our practice OR why have we stopped teaching the use of these implants at the University of Pacific Dental school a few years ego? Well, as of March 1, 2016; this product has been discontinued. Obviously, these mini-implants are cheaper; so when I have […]

Flapless surgery using “Green CT”? what?!

How do we accomplish surgery without making an incision…better known as “flap-less”surgery….?  3D Guided technology.     Our goal is to provide the best of care with the least amount pain and discomfort to the patient.  Research shows that the smaller the incision, the less the discomfort after the surgery.  At times we are able […]

Torque wrench anyone?

I get this question a lot?   Whats a torque wrench? At the time of surgery, the clinical stability of an implant is tested and assessed based on insertional torque measurements….this is the amount of force that is taking to place the implant into the jawbone.  We measure this with all implants, at the time of […]

Notes from Drs. Marx and Peleg’s (University of Miami) talk on Implants and bone grafting

Some of my students have asked me to post the notes form this talk…so here it is.  Hope this helps. Dr. M. Peleg: Always do soft tissue grafting in addition to bone augmentation When you lose bone, you lose soft-tissue & when you lose soft-tissue, you lose bone. As we age, we lose teeth, we […]

Stem cells for sinus lifts?

In the most recent CDA article (Jan 2015) they mentioned a study in Translational medicine (Nov 2014), there is mention of stem cells being used to regenerate new bone in patient’s jaw bone to place dental implants.  We have been using stem cells in my practice for the past 2 years to improve the quantity and […]

No association found between high sugar levels and implants!

In a the most recent volume of the Journal of California Dental Assoc. (CDA) they cites an article in the JADA, where 117 patients with diabetes were followed for one year via HbA1c levels, to determine the success rates of implants.  No difference in implant survival was noted in the diabetic patients versus non-diabetic patients after one year. […]

Elevated blood sugars and its impact on the survivability of Dental Implants

  The cover story in the most recent edition of the Journal of American Dental Association (JADA) cited an article that added more evidence as to the detrimental effects of diabetes and elevated blood sugars toward dental surgery, more specifically dental implants.   In this prospective cohort study it was determined that poor glycemic control […]