Tapered versus cylindrical implants, which is less painful for the patient?

In a recent article in the JOMS, researcher found that the shape of an implant does have an impact on the level of post-operative pain.  As expected the more the implant mimic the shape of the root of a tooth, the less that was noted by the patients!  This was assumed for many year but now this article confirms assertion.

This is why we have been using tapered implants since the inception of our practices.  Although is some cases cylindrical implants are indicated, the majority of the times tapered implants are used.

As the states “Tapered” means the implant tapered towards its end, so it mimic the shape of a root of a natural tooth.  See below:


“Cylindrical” means that the implant does not taper as much towards it end and the outside walls of the implant is more parallel to one another.  This implant is sometimes used if we place an immediate implant into the hole of an existing tooth in orger to engage the sidewalls of the extraction site.  See below:


See the actual article below on this topic: