Implant Periapical Lesion (IPL)… what is that?

Implant Peri-apical lesion:

This is an inflammatory lesion at the tip of the implant.  This is a really rare phenomenon and it occurs n 0.24% of the time.  IPL  can sometimes be confused with peri-implantitis, which is something completely different.

Recently implant surgeons have used Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) to address this.   A combination of surgical removal of the lesion + GBR  and the use of antibiotics has been shown to solve this issue.  If not then implant removal and eventual replacement is recommended.

Please keep in mind that this is different than peri-implantitis, which usually a phenomenon that started from the top of the implant and goes down to the apex of the implant.  See below:

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