How to avoid getting a dental implant….hmmmm

This may be ironic, but we do not want you to loose your teeth!  It is natural, with a built in suspension system (the PerioDontal Ligament i.e. PDL) which allows you teeth to “wobble” or move in its location.  Implants however do not have this PDL and are susceptible to excessive occlusal forces.  So the best think is your teeth and even though dental implant are a good replacement option, “it is not like the real thing”

So….we dont want you to loose your teeth.  Here is a paper talking about the association of sugary drinks (sodas) and diabetes, and how it leads to tooth loss.

In the 2017 July edition of the JADA (Journal of American Dental Association) they found that in a survey of close to 95,000 people in 18 states, 12.3% had Diabetes, 15.5% had 6 or more teeth extracted and 22.6% report drinking at least 1 sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB).

Additionally, in those with Diabetes who consumed at least 2 SSB, they had 6 or more teeth extracted; as compared as to those who did not consume any SSB!

CONCLUSION: in adult patients with Diabetes, who consume 2 or more SSB per day, they end up losing 6 or more teeth!

So if you want to avoid an implant, stop consuming sugar-sweetened beverages…