Mini Implants anyone?


Dr Massoomi 3i MDI Mini Dental implants

Every wonder why we have never placed mini dental implants in our practice OR why have we stopped teaching the use of these implants at the University of Pacific Dental school a few years ego?

Well, as of March 1, 2016; this product has been discontinued.

3M letter on ESPE MDI mini dental implant discontinuation 3-1-2016

Obviously, these mini-implants are cheaper; so when I have patients that request us to place these implants due to financial reason, I always ask: “Why place these mini implants when there are perfectly good, traditional implants that have decades of data behind them?”  These mini-implants have been shown to have problems, such as fracturing during use.  The most common reason I see patients with these implants are for the removal of these broken mini-implants…creating more damage to the jaw bone.

We stick to the traditional implants.

Avoid the mini-implants.