A case for Fixed hybrid prosthesis vs. the removable overdenture

A recent study published in the journal “Clinical Oral Implant Research” gives more weight to a fixed hybrid prosthesis (typically supported by a minimum of 4 implants) vs. the traditional removable overdenture (supported by 2 implants only).  According to Kremer et al  in an article titled “Mandibular bone resorption pattern with implant overdentures”, they show that despite having an overdenture, resorption still continues to occur in the posterior mandible due to a lack of dental implant.

Below is a schematic of what happens to the jaw bone in the mandible when you compare a full lower denture versus an overdenture.  This lends more evidence to the benefits of a fixed hybrid prosthesis that is supported by more implants, even in the posterior mandible, resulting in bone preservation due to stimulation of the bone by the dental implants.

Resorption differnces between full denture versus implant overdenture

Below are panorex x-rays of:

1.) patient with two implant and wears a removable overdenture

Dr Massoomi overdenture with Markings

2.) Hybrid prosthesis supported by 5 implants and stays “fixed” to the jaw and does not need to be removed.

Dr Massoomi All on 5 fixed hybrid