No association found between high sugar levels and implants!

No assoc between DM and implants.

In a the most recent volume of the Journal of California Dental Assoc. (CDA) they cites an article in the JADA, where 117 patients with diabetes were followed for one year via HbA1c levels, to determine the success rates of implants.  No difference in implant survival was noted in the diabetic patients versus non-diabetic patients after one year.  The baseline levels of HbA1c were as high as 11.1 – 13.3%.   Implant survival rates for 110 of 117 patients (7 patients lost to follow up) who were followed for one year after loading were 99.0 percent for patients without diabetes, 98.9% for well-controlled diabetes (n = 44) and 100% for those with poorly controlled diabetes (n = 19).

Although this finding is reassuring for diabetic patients, a larger study and further long-term investigation and evaluation is needed.  Excellent blood glucose control is still recommended in all patients, even implant patients.  The close the HbA1c to 7.5% the better the indication of control.

Below is the citation: JADA Dec 2014, Vol 1445, No 12, pp 1218-1226.

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