Flapless surgery using “Green CT”? what?!

How do we accomplish surgery without making an incision…better known as “flap-less”surgery….?  3D Guided technology.

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Our goal is to provide the best of care with the least amount pain and discomfort to the patient.  Research shows that the smaller the incision, the less the discomfort after the surgery.  At times we are able to accomplish some surgeries with no incisions at all…leading to the healing period that is reduced by at least 45% or more.

However, the only way to accomplish this feat: 3D guided technology.  Using the latest CBCT 3D imaging we are able to visualize the position and the quality (density) of the bone prior to making incisions.  (Most importantly we use only “Green CT” technology in our practices in San Francisco and Cupertino, for truly “low-dose” imaging, minimizing unnecessary radiation exposure to patients…curious?   http://www.greenct.com/ )

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This allows us to virtually perform the surgery in an imaging software, prior to even seeing the patient for surgery.

Dr Massoomi CT guided implant placement

Then the same software program 3D prints a “surgical guide” that directs the surgical drill and dental implant to the same exact location as noted in the software program.

2012-12-20 08.36.47     2012-12-20 08.37.59

Our research shows that with the use of this technology we are  less 0.5mm off the predicted plan in the software program….hence, we do not even need to make any incisions to perform the surgery = “Flap-less”

Dr Massoomi Superimposition

The next time you see your dentist or surgeon for a dental implant, ask them: “do you utilize a surgical guide?”,  “Do you do flapless surgery?,  “Do you have a Cone Beam CT?”

I promise, You will have less discomfort after surgery…