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Exactly What Are Dental Implants?

Maybe you’ve heard people talk about dental implants. It’s been said that they’re modern dentistry’s best option for replacing missing teeth; That they offer the highest success rate of any tooth replacement procedure; That, with proper care, they can last just as long as your own natural teeth — a lifetime. But, you may still […]

Dental Implants – The Best Tooth Replacements in History

Nobody really wants to live with missing teeth. So, throughout history, human ingenuity has come up with various ways of replacing them — from seashells (the Mayans) to ivory dentures (the 18th century.) If your parents lost a tooth, they probably had only one good choice for its replacement: the three-unit fixed bridge. But today […]

Why Dr. Massoomi Became An Oral Surgeon

When asked why Dr. Massoomi became an Oral Surgeon he shared the following: “Because oral surgery seemed so interesting to be able to combine the art of surgery with healing the human body. This field allows us to work on a whole host of issues, such as facial trauma, corrective jaw surgery, head and neck […]

Saving Lives One Oral Cancer Screening at a Time

Oral cancer remains the 6th deadliest cancer, with 35,000 cases discovered yearly in the United States alone, and only half of those patients surviving 5 years post-diagnosis. The high death rates for oral cancer are contributed to the fact patients do not generally detect signs or symptoms until it has advanced and further metastasizes. Fortunately, […]

Dental Implants Can Save Costs & Improve Quality Of Life

In the most recent edition of The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants, researchers have concluded that dental implants offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional treatments for tooth replacement. This was also cited on PubMed, the US National Library of Medicine located at the National Institutes of Health, is based on a systematic review […]