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BIOMET 3i Dental Implant

As we all know, Dental implant therapy is among the most advanced technologies for tooth replacement.  Well now the technology is becoming even more advanced!

Utilizing the unique properties of BIOMET 3i dental implants, we are now able to use the iTero digital impression to communicate the needed information to the lab, without the need for any messy impression material.

We are is one of the first practices in Silicon Valley to integrate the use of the digital impressions (iTero) with 3i’s Encode Abutment system.  Using this latest technology we are able to perfom the placement of the dental implant virtually, prior to the actual surgery.

BIOMET 3i offers one of the most advanced and comprehensive lines of dental implants.  This line of implants is supported by a growing line of site preparation and regenerative products (Bone grafting). BIOMET 3i pioneered the development of biologically driven dental implants, winning worldwide acclaim for the microtextured surface and superior clinical success rates of the OSSEOTITE® Dental Implants.*